Newport Bus Stops

Newport Bus Schedule

Newport Opera House Square 6:25 7:20 8:45 10:45   12:30 3:00 4:45
Shaw’s   7:40 9:25   11:40 1:15    
Newport Senior Center     9:30   11:50 1:18    
Summer Crest     10:10     1:47    
Newport Health / CAHS   8:22 10:22   12:02 1:55  4:12  
Walmart   8:42 10:42   12:27 2:22    



All Service is Demand / Response

Riders may board and disembark at any point along the corridor. It is not necessary to call for a ride along the corridor. Riders may call to schedule a ride originating within a 1/4 mile radius of the corridor (shaded area of the map). Please see timetables for scheduled stop times. You may call 1 hour prior to departure or schedule your trips up to 2 weeks in advance. Pick-up and drop-off times will be scheduled to correlate with the corridor. Buses will not express to pick up or drop off locations. When calling to schedule a ride for the first time, please have the following information available: First Name; Last Name; Home Address, Phone Number; and Birth date. If applicable, please provide: Disability; Number of Attendants; Mobility Device. The following information is required for all trips:.), Appointment Time (if applicable) Requested Pick-Up Time and Address of Destination. Purpose of Trip (Shopping, Medical, Nutrition, Work, etc * Please note: trips are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis, time and space available. We recommended riders call well in advance.


Riders Code of Conduct

Community Alliance Transportation Services (CATS) is open to the public. Services are provided without regard to race, creed, age,
or sexual orientation. All riders must abide by this Code of Conduct. Although specific prohibited acts are listed, the bus driver has
the final authority to refuse service to anyone deemed a potential safety threat.


  • $1.50 one-way withing 1 town/city
  • $2.50 In town monthly pass
  • Rates are subject to change


  • $10.00 8 punch pass (1 punch = $1.25)
  • 25.00 In town monthly pass
  • $35.00 Unlimited pass

All riders must pay a fare or use a valid pass. Children age 5 and under ride for free but must be accompanied by and adult to access service.

Carry-on Items:
Passengers may take as many parcels as can be carried on the bus in one boarding. Items must be secured under the seat or held on the lap.

Pets are permitted on any CATS bus as long as the pet is restrained, secured, and completely under control at all times.

Individuals who violate this code of conduct will be asked to refrain from the behavior immediately. If the behavior continues, they will be removed from the vehicle immediately. Repeated violations may cause permanent service denial.

Prohibited Acts: The following acts are prohibited on any CATS owned vehicle:

  • Smoking or carrying any lighted tobacco product or expelling the residue of any tobacco product including chewing tobacco.
  •  Consuming alcoholic beverages or possessing an open container of any alcoholic beverage.
  •  Engaging in disruptive verbal or physical behavior, including loud conversation, profanity or insults, sexual advances, or operating any electronic device used for sound without earphones.
  •  Taking any unrestrained or uncrated pets.
  •  Possessing or transporting any flammable liquids, combustible material or other dangerous substances such as
    gasoline, kerosene or propane.
  •  Littering.  Vandalizing the vehicle by writing, marking, scribbling, defacing, or causing destruction to the vehicle in any manner.
  • Begging or soliciting by forcing yourself upon another person.
  •  Excreting any bodily fluid upon or at another person on the vehicle.
  •  Possessing, using, or selling any controlled substance.
  •  Eating, or drinking any beverage other than water.